The Influence of the Diet in the Development of the Gingivitis and Periodontitis in Dogs

Haxhi Allmuca, Jani Mavromati, Brunilda Mazari


These days the feeding of the dogs is based on two main diets: the homemade diet and the commercial diet. Each of these diets has a different impact on the accumulation of the plaques and calculus on the surface of the teeth and the gingival margins. The purpose of this study was to compare the impact of the homemade diet, the commercial diet and the mix diet (homemade and commercial) in accumulation of the plaques and calculus and as a consequence in development of the gingivitis and peridontitis. For this experiment were used 24 dogs, from four to ten years old divided in three groups of eight dogs each, for a period of 24 months. The first group was fed only with homemade food; the second group was fed with commercial dry food (Pedigree and Top Line); the third group was fed with homemade food and commercial dry food. Every three months, dogs were checked for the accumulation of the plaques and calculus eventually the gingivitis and periodontitis. Based on these observations was noticed that the plaques and calculus were mostly developed among the dogs of the first group, which were on the homemade diet (100%). The plaques and calculus were less development among the dogs which were on a dry commercial diet (62.5%). Whereas it was noticed that in the third group, dogs fed on a mixed diet the plaques and calculus were developed in a greater number of dogs compared to the dogs fed on a dry commercial diet and less than the dogs fed on a homemade diet (87.5%).

Keywords: dog, homemade diet, commercial diet, gingivitis, periodontitis.

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