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Epidemiological Study of Occupational Dermatitis in Elbasan District

Desantila Tahiraj


Background: The contact dermatitis is an inflammatory reaction due to skin contact with chemical substances. These reactions can be allergic and irritant. The aim of the study was to describe patterns in the diagnosis of occupational skin diseases, the frequency of etiologic factors examines the demographic and employment characteristics of workers with occupational skin disease. Patients and Method: A prospective study, on the patients that referred to the Dermatology Clinic in Elbasan district, between 01.01.2010 and 31.12. 2012, based on demographic items, the type of contact dermatitis, location, and etiologic factors. Results: Eligible for inclusion in the study were 932 patients. The mean age of patients was 40.2 ±13.2 years old (range 20 – 64), with 696 (75%) of them living in the urban area and 236 (25%) living in rural area, p<0.05. More affected by contact dermatitis were females with 562 (60%) cases compared to men with 370 (40%) of total cases without a significant difference, p=0.5. The ratio women/men were 1.5:1. The most common occupational disease was irritant contact dermatitis in 435 (46.7%) patients, allergic in 423 (45.4%), photoallergic in 40 (4.3%) and contact urticaria in 34 (3.6%) patients. Building materials (27%), plants (26%), and cosmetic (12%) were the most frequent etiological factors. The area most affected were the hands (52%), legs (16%) and the face (13%). Conclusions: Contact dermatitis is a frequent occupational dermatosis in our patient population. Irritant contact dermatitis is more common than allergic contact dermatitis.

Keywords: contact dermatitis, occupational, epidemiology.

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