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Muharrem Gashi


In addition to some language studies, of 1902 it was published a Serbo - Croatian Dictionary, with about 4, 000 words and 1187 questions - answers, but the language of the vocabulary prompted the linguists. H. Agani in the Study: What is the linguistic sphere of L. Kujunxhiq's Dictionary, in 1954, featured the mistakes which in this dictionary misinformed even the well-known linguists. The influence of the Albanian language made Rahovec Serbo-Croatian, a mixed language, while the lexis of the vocabulary includes the Rahovec / Orahovac folk, that of the city of Prizren and that of the city of Gjakova. Here we have the passage in a, u to u in suffixes - type and - level, the use of ll in place of dh, the decline of h hover etc. In recognition of these talk, they are distinguished by N. Jokli, J. Thumanne, H. Pedersen, G. Vajgandi etc., though the recognition of the Albanian language in the previous situation was the most important. S. Mladenovi visited the area between Prizren and Pristina in 1925, publishing the article: Remarks on Albanians and Albanian in Northern Macedonia and Old Serbia. Later, M. Lambretzi will give some features of the dialects of eastern Gegese, which also includes the dialects of the city of Prizren. Foreign Albanians lacked the knowledge of the Albanian language, while some Slavic scholars had hegemonic purposes, such as: M. Pavlovic and G. Elezović etc.

Keywords: circuit, treatment, study, vocabulary, etc.

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