Methods of promoting “Active Learning” of English at Cihan University


  • Mushtaq Nayif Hasso Al-Rashidany


Teaching English to non-native speakers needs to incorporate up-to-date techniques and strategies that are frequently updated to match the ever-changing needs of modern society. In order for students to start acquiring English skills effectively inside the classroom, they need to be more active in their learning and be ready to take the initiative. For this to happen, lecturers need to adopt techniques that facilitate “active learning” with the suitable environment for students to make better use of their innate abilities and become active learners. In a classroom environment where active learning is prominent, students take responsibility of their learning of English as a second language with the lecturer acting as facilitator whose role is limited to providing instructions and supervising the process. Students will have more self-confidence to express their opinions and actively participate in topic discussions. This paper discusses methods of active learning that can be applied in teaching English at Cihan University.

Keywords: active learning, formulaic chunks, innovative techniques, fluency and accuracy.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015