National Folk Festival Gjirokastër, 2015 and the cultivated musical creativity


  • Armira Kapxhiu


Folklore is a particularly important factor in determining the national identity of the people. Based on this observation, the artistic part of our people‟s spiritual heritage of our people and in the case of this paper choreographic and musical folklore, as a collective product of the anonymous individual strands is an inalienable property of all Albanians wherever they live. Albanian folklore represents an early vital tradition, durable and rich. It is not "terra incognita" because it is not made of atrophied and lifeless waste. Our folklore also is not a reminder of the past but is alive and full of life, and day by day is practiced and emotionally articulated, being developed, enriched and grown along with the Albanian people. An important role to echo the past and the present with the message that our nation has existed, exists and will exist forever, because it has a clear identity through its own cultural, artistic, historical, linguistic values, etc, which make it distinguishable from the other people of the region and beyond, have had and still have organizations of nationwide events of this part of our people‟s spiritual heritage.

Keywords: national folk festival, folk music, cultivated creativity, Albanian composers.




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Volume 5, No.2, February, 2016