A “Best Selling” British Author who wrote About Great Renaissant - De Rada and Albanians


  • Irakli Koçollari


Rarely authors of global reputation have written about Albania and well-known personalities of our culture and rarely they have remained or still remain in the darkness of anonymity for the general public and Albanian researchers. For this reason, insight, finding, lighting and display of writings, works and creations, yet unknown, of historians, linguists, ethnographers, writers, and foreign journalists, contributors with unrepeateable values for Albania, the Albanians and the history of our nation, remain an obligation, both scientific and noble. Finding the works and “unknown” authors is a homage in respect of the contributions they given for us, publication of their works would unfold in global dimensions the values that our nation has kept and conveyed, would enrich the funds of Albanian archives and along with it, the research bibliographies for a deeper image of our heritage. Definitely in this article it is evoked the image and work of a British author, Norman Dagllas, who until now remains unknown not only for the Albanian public, but also for the circles of our researchers. In the framework of a series of extensively well-known publications in its time, his most interesting, culminating and reputable republished work remains, “Old Calabria”. In the center of this work, which has seen the light of re-publication over 20 times and has been translated into most languages of the world, is our great poet of National Renaissance, Jeronim De Rada. And yet, strangely, it is still unknown and translated or published in Albanian.

Keywords: novel, literature, poem, folklor, church.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015