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Adjuvant of Electrotherapy in the Management of Cervical Spondiloarthrosis

Irena Kola


Background: Cervical spondiloarthrosis or cervical osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disease, affecting cervical vertebrae bodies, followed by compression the spinal medulla and spinal nerve root of the cervical part. Spondiloarthrosis is associated with pain, which may be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, noise in the ear, anxiety or mental confusion, headaches, retro-orbital or retroauricular pain and pain in the lateral and medial side of the forearm. The purpose of the study: To better approach of spondiloarthrosis with the aim pain reduction, improve range of motion (ROM), articular maintenance and improve quality of life in general by using best treatment options. Materials and methods of study: The study was conducted from September 2012 - January 2013 in the Mother Teresa University Hospital Center in the Department of Physiotherapy, Tirana, Albania. The total study sample population was 120 patients. They were informed about the study and agreed to be part of the study. Methodoical and scientific means were applied in gathering, analizing and interpreting the data. Patients included in this study underwent therapeutic exercises and electrotherapy for 10 sessions. Their pain and articular ROM were evaluated at the beginning and at the end of treatment: in flexion-extension, in inclination, in rotation. Results: After obtaining, analyzing the study data, we found that the average age was 54 years old (35-73 years old), the gender ratio Female/Male was equal (60F/60M), and 60% patients had no other associated pathology, except cervical spondiloarthrosis. Discussion: Mainly affects older ages, it is thought that has genetic predisposition and involves in the same ratio men and women. Diagnosis of the spondiloarthrosis is based on: clinical examination, radiological imaging, neurological examination, physiotherapy balance. Treatment is divided into medical treatment, to mention few: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, myorelaxant, antidepressants and rehabilitation with manual therapy and electrotherapy: ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). When these treatments do not give any positive results, then we resort to conservative surgical treatment. It is necessary the education of the patient to avoid recurrence of pain and limitation of articular ROM's. Conclusions: In this study is managed to reduce pain especially during movements of the flexion-extension (-4.9) and an increase of ROM's movements especially during flexion (+19°). To maintain these results, the cycle of rehabilitation sessions must not only pursue once in a lifetime, but a minimum of once per year.

Keywords: Cervical spondiloarthrosis, patients, range of motion, pain, and electrotherapy.

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