The Path of Albanian Language Terminology Formation Before the Second World War


  • Karmen Lazri


This paper deals with the path of Albanian Language terminology formation before the Second World War. Over the decades, especially during the last century, when basic works were composed, the linguistics science developped with quick steps and consequently new concepts of linguistic categories treatment were elaborated for all subsystems, creating thus a rich terminology, more and more accurate in this area. Through some significant examples, we emphasize the priceless contribution of well-known Albanian institutions and linguists that laid the foundations of the Albanian terminology on several levels. Based on historic data given in chronological order, we carry out a time incision with some cultural and linguistic events that marked the establishment and development of Albanian terminology, even in comparison with the terminology of different fields of knowledge in other languages that have been in contact with Albanian language. Nevertheless, today's opinion of our linguists and even this stage which our linguistic and philological studies have reached, in new contacts with linguistic schools and orientations that have penetrated and are penetrating into our language area of science, Albanian language terminology formation the is a long-term process, especially with the scientific and cultural opening of the Albanology.

Keywords: path, Albanian language terminology, formation, native terms, well-known Albanian institutions.




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