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Aesthetics of Scenography Development

Erald Bakalli


In human history, languages, cultures, traditions, mingle and overlap. Seeking today to tell the history of the Albanian scenography art track is a task as difficult and fascinating at the same time. Maybe this is the best way to discover the roots of the history of the development of theater through Albanian scenography. Assignment of each researcher of this branch, first of all, is to consider every act to resist the time, which carries this art in this land. Starting from this principle, so from its creation, we must find values, where and how Scenography, in the areas of art, can identify, as a disclosure of a new era of this history. Archival and documentary difficulties are present in almost all researchers and scholars path of this branch in Albania. Such a vacuum of written facts there is found in no other genre of art, no documentation of facts, names and not even any study analysis of this gender of art. Meanwhile the history of theater, fortunately, remained in her documentary image through photographs, which are simultaneously a document of the décor development and progress over the years.

Keywords: artistic language of scenography, theater, actor and scenographer, mythopoietica, etc.

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