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The Genitive

Shkelqim Millaku


In Albanian language the passessive cases can be with the article i, e të, and së (libërit), but it is contrast with English language (definite and indefinite) because the passessive usually used after the noun e.g. Mary‟s book, Time's house, students', worker's children's women's, This is Arta's jacket, This is my mother's jacket. This is the dog's food. If a plural noun does not end in /s/, add 's. women's, men's, children's etc. If the noun in the plural ending with the consonate and in the commone cases it in the possessive gets just apostrofe ('s), (') boys', students', books'. The noun in singular can ending with the consonate and in the commone cases it in the possessive gets apostrofe or apostrofe and –s e.g. today's, last week's, a mother's, tow mothers, 's boss', son-in-low's, sister-n-low's, man's, Richard's, cat's, dog's.

Keywords: Genitive (possessive cases) i, e të, and së; 's, ('), of.

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