The Process of Informing Parents about Child’s Illness Child’s Right to be Informed


  • Matilda Memaj


This study aims analysing the importance of informing parents and children during hospitalization period. Albania doesn’t offer many studies that address psycho-social problematic of patients during hospitalization because this is a new area developed recently. In order to accomplish study objectives, the study uses mix methodology for data gathering; quantitative method which helps finding what is typical, average, representing the population and qualitative method to deeply understand experiences, parents’ feelings on sharing information about illness. Study results show that, in general, sharing information with parents is a sporadic and different process according to the specific case. Doctors are not always comprehensive with the information they share. Parents get more information from other parents at the time of hospitalization. Parents need to be informed about the illness and in general, they do not want to inform their children because they want to protect them. Parents see it as very traumatic to inform their children but it is necessary that both parents and children get the right information about the illness of their children and be part of services that are to be offered to the child.

Keywords: terminal illness, child & parent information, experience.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015