The Role of Economy and Agribusiness Faculty as Development and Research Center


  • Ina Pagria
  • Eugen Pagria


This study is based on a project realized with the public Albanian universities, Ministry of Education and Sports, and Tempus project related on activities development with the triple mission of universities such as technology transfer, continuing education, and social engagement. This project is focused on promoting these activities with training the staff, creating regional centers and finally to create a national network to promote these activities at national level. Our focus in this study is how the Faculty of Economy to fulfill this three activities. Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness is the most important faculty of the Agricultural University of Tirana. Actually, it offers three cycles of studies – Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate studies. It is composed of five departments and offers diplomas in Economy and rural development policies, Applied Economics, Management in agribusiness, Finance and account, business informatics and Management in rural tourism. It is worth to mention that in the evaluation made two years ago Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness was ranked in the first place for the public Albanian universities.

Keywords: activities, education, technology transfer, faculty, social engagement.




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Volume 4, No.4, April 2015