Extreme Realism and American Naturalism


  • Mihrije Maloku


Naturalism as a literary movement used details of realism to make it known that social conditions, heritage and environment are unavoidable force in the formation of human character. It is also a literary movement that struggles to repeat the everyday and reliable reality contrary to the Romantic literary movement and Surrealism, where subjects are treated fairly symbolic, idealistic and supernatural. Realist writers try to interpret accurate representation of the world, and their works contain authentic details and descriptions of their characters and the environment. As the Realistic authors, naturalistic ones same tried to portray the world accurately, but they tried to describe the dark side of life. While this period was associated with realism, in part emphasizes the description of surface reality, naturalism is more than a literary technique, involving the philosophy of determinism. Naturalism is anti-romantic in emphasizing disability to deceive mankind against their will, fate, and also in the discredit decoration in imagination of reality. For naturalists, it is the duty of the writer to present to readers reality without illusions, to provide a scientific view, impartial by it than to festoon or juggle or simply to satisfy the reader.

Keywords: realism, naturalism, heritage, environment, determinism,
reality, illusion, dream, failure.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015