Effective Planning Skills and Other Dimensions of Classroom Management


  • Rozeta Biçaku Çekrezi


Research and every teacher’s experience have proven that classroom management begins long before the students come into the classroom. Effective teachers plan their classroom management before the school year begins, and know what tasks they will need to undertake at the beginning and throughout the year. In general, classrooms with more structure have been shown to promote more appropriate academic and social behaviors. Effective planning skills do not only play an important role in the general teaching and learning process, but they also affect other dimensions of classroom management. In the study undertaken by the researcher, classroom management is presented in twelve dimensions which have been further presented in three domains. The main aim of this paper is to show the relationship of effective planning skills with other dimensions of classroom management. For the analysis of the data of this quantitative study, the SPSS (version 21) program was used. The participants of the study are 1020 students of secondary schools in three cities of Albania, Tirana, Elbasan and Durrës. This paper will show how according to students’ perceptions, effective planning skills correlate with other dimensions of classroom management. From the statistical analysis of the data it was found that effective planning skills has a strong positive correlation with other dimensions of classroom management, like, effective implementation of lesson plans (rs = .796, n = 921, p < .005), assessment and feedback (rs = .708, n = 918, p < .005), knowledge of the subject matter (rs = .794, n = 964, p < 005), and teacher’s skills as motivator (rs = .730, n = 911, p < .005).

Keywords: classroom management, effective planning skills.




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Volume 4, No.4, April 2015