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Poetry and Comparative Literature, Metaphorical Consequences in Fatmir Terziu’s Poetry

Shpresa Gjergji


The importance of two elements, the definition of Poetry and Comparative Albanian Literature and the historical role it has with regard to the Human Sciences and the position of theory in this essentially literary and culturally discipline, are the focus of the huge debate across academics. The present essay accords briefly with the first element, providing metaphorical elements of focus rather than a finished portrait of one of the contemporary poets in Albanian literature, Fatmir Terziu; then, it takes up the significant moments of the theoretical debate in Poetry and Comparative Literature between Literary Studies on the one hand and Translation and Cultural Studies on the other. Specifically apparently takes my mind, where I want to officiate more is a kind of phrase that used a comparison, literary figures and in particular metaphor, of speech, expression, grammatical formation, seeing it in detail to Terziu's poems as in Albanian and in English. Subject to which I will refer is the metaphorical process that features the poetry of Fatmir Terziu in the current approach Albanian into English. Through the comparative scholarly research extending from the 1990's to through first decade of the 21st century, I describe the shifts of focus in literary studies that emerged in the 1990s, and which resulted in the creation of a new, more politicised Cultural Studies and new configurations of main vs. subsidiary between Comparative Literature and the disciplines contiguous to it: Translation and Cultural studies. With these realignments, I argue, Comparative Literature has been faced with the challenge to restructure itself and its agenda. In this, I finally maintain, it gives 21st-century lessons to the other Human Sciences on the commensurability of angst, survival, and regeneration.

Keywords: essay, comparative literature, Fatmir Terziu, The church of the eyes, Delirium, Advert for the Fatherland, poetry, etc.

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