Peace, a Condition for Israel's Security


  • Nizar A. Milhem


The current study examines the conceptual framework of what Israel calls "Israel's national security". Using short interviews with Israelis and citing statements made by Israeli leaders, the study found first that Israelis are raised to embrace a bunker mentality where people always feel they are subject to constant threat; and second that Israel understands security only in terms of power, with the ultimate goal of bringing the Palestinians/Arabs under its dominance. The study argues that this theory has never brought security to Israel and it is unlikely to achieve this goal in the future. The study concludes that it is only through an all-out, just peace that Israel can feel secure, thrive and establish a favorable climate for the generations to come.

Keywords: Peace, Security, Bunker Mentality, Zionism, Middle East Conflict.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015