Woman’s Position in Statutes and Canons


  • Rezana Konomi


The position of women and its historical evolution has been extensively discussed, and perhaps in many cases, due to the absence of facts, analyzes and documents, there have been many speculations. This issue requires a more comprehensive analysis, taking into account many factors, such as the very low level of economic and social development, high levels of poverty, political instability, the fact that the issue of the Albanian identity and territorial integrity dominated the life of the country and its political movement, lack of a democratic culture, low level of education, lack of social emancipating movements, etc. This article just aims to realize an analysis probably, not exhaustive, in order to identify the advantages and disadvantages of Albanian women‟s position at different stages of socio-economic and cultural development.

Keywords: canon, woman, statute, family, heritage, rights, blood feud.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015