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Academic Discourse Characteristics of Sports Scientific Literature

Danica Pirsl, Nadezda Stojkovic, Solzica Popovska, Tea Pirsl


Research in discourse processing can help solve some of the pressing challenges in foreign or second language writing pedagogy. Discourse plays an important role in helping the learner shift from shallow to deep comprehension, from being a mere fact collector to becoming an inquisitive explainer and later on, competent domain specific (in our research - sports literature) writer. But to make our students proficient in text handling is a huge task. To accomplish this task we need tools and the right tools for the students to freely explore the wealth of sports writing are small but hugely significant words called metadiscourse markers. Knowledge of their functions, their proper meanings, and their well deserved place within the framework of the foreign or second language writing pedagogy is what separates the novice from the experienced sports texts writers. Academic discourse contains frames for scientific writing implying the existance of an array of formal unities that undertake the function of precision and logical order within the texts and assume types of texts such as for example, sports texts. They at the same time function to convey seriousness and academic note in the texts that is their autoreferential signal (references,
sources, quotations, abstracts, keywords and schematics or figures). Certain frame of text type makes it recognizible and differentiate it from other types of texts, for example sports texts from the engineering texts. Rhetorical patterns made of humble words we are analyzing in this paper, are different for different fields of science and are verified by numerous scientific studies according to Gunnarsson, 1997, p. 306.

Keywords: metadiscourse, sports texts, rhetorical patterns, scientific papers, discourse community.

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