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Legal Redefinition of the Community Status of Muslims during the Monarch Period

Erjon Papagjoni


The article brings to attention the relationship between the monarchic state and the two Muslim religious communities in Albania - the Muslim and the Bektashi Muslim communities. The state emerges as a guarantor of their national integrity and specificity, as well as communities become supporters of the state and unity of the people. Specifically, the content of the respective statutes drawn up in 1937 is explained by respecting the faith, sacraments, and canons, integrity and rights. Through the confrontation and approach between the corpus of the main articles of the two statutes and the Constitution of the Monarchy, the secularism of the Albanian state, the separation of religion from the state, emerges. It is further discussed about the structure, functions and forums of communities, the rights of the state to control and intervene in their activities, the moderate character of Albanian Muslims, the tendency toward modernization of religious practices, the establishment and strengthening of brotherhood, understanding and love among believers and other religious communities with one another as one of the rare features of religious coexistence in Albania.

Keywords:  communities, Muslim, Bektashi, statutes, religious, moderate.

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