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Scenario of Linguo – Cultural Essence of Verbs Expressing Behavior Peculiar to the Uzbeks

Rustamov Dilshodbek Abduvohidovich


The author analyses lingua-cognitive and linguo-cultural essence of the verbs compiling the scenario of spiritual processes peculiar to the conduct of the Uzbeks. Here, the verbs compiling this scenario, based on systematic peculiarities in paradigmatic relations, go into syntagmatic relations, in expressing the very reality. The author also says that this condition creates instantaneous condition and this condition put them in order of a new system. In this order, the basis of verbs is stable lingua-cultural value. The author tries to prove that some verbs serve as direct unifiers of the events of a literary work.

Keywords: model of cognition, semantic code, scenario, national character, national spirit, archi-seme, national mentality, concept, seme, verbal, non-verbal, frame, paradigmatic relation, syntagmatic relation, system, lingua-cognitive, linguo-cultural.

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