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Some Notes of Literary-Critical Problems in the Uzbek Literature

Gaipova Hulkar Kuzibaevna


Criticism on literary article is one of the important genres in the publicism of Matnazar Abdulkhakim. It was spoken about the author’s literal-aesthetic views, certain literal works of writers and other issues related with literal atmosphere in the article. This issue was illustrated in two directions – by learning the examples of oriental classic literature and in the aspect of analyzing modern literal works from ideal and literal view points. Matnazar Abdulkhakim firstly criticized his own creation and impartially admitted the lacks in some of his poems and their translations. The expression of this peculiarity was narrated in the article as in the examples of his collections “Tiniq tonglar (Clear mornings)” (1982), “Bir Quchoq gul (A Bunch of Flower)” (1997) and his critical views on the translation of As-Saolibiy’s poetic work. The article with the theme “Til topishgan dillar” shows that the author is theoretically and practically aware of the translations connected with Uzbek, Russian and Persian languages. In the article there are discussions on the Russian translation of Agakhi’s poems in the collection “Agakhi. Selected, Tashkent. 1984”. R. Morgan and N. Gribnev’s translations were considered as the object in the article. In it the speech goes on thoroughly about the translations of Agakhi’s gazelles and tuyuqs (form of a poem) and the Morgan’s versions were considered as elevated. Positive and negative features in the translations of the gazelles “So’z” and “Ustina” by Agakhi were proved and it was stressed in the conclusion that both translators had reached their certain success in rendering Agakhi’s creation into Russian. Generally, this article is worth attention with the illustration that the author’s literal-critical thought is broad and thematically deep and he is an educated scientist in literature.

Keywords: literal critics, publicism, article, investigator, translator, translation, author, novel, gazal (form of a poem), tuyuq (form of a poem), Navoi, Pahlavon Makhmud, Agahi.

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