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Eshniyazova Ayimhan Sheripbaevna


This article provides information on the theoretical foundations, possibilities of typological analysis, and explores the creators and researchers of the analysis. In the context of comparative-typological analysis, the works of artists from three different nationalities, from three different social environments, are based on the letters of pure human emotions, suffering, and experiences. The ideological and artistic work of artistic creators based on comparative analysis of Ivory Goethe's "Suffering of the Young Werther", F.M.Dostoevsky's poems, and H.Dustmuhammed's "My parting is thousand", "I am without You, You are without me" Compositionally and scientifically, the differences are common. The aesthetic ideals, worldview and creative writing of the writer are based on the form and content analysis of novels and stories that are based on the highest emotion of love.

Keywords:  typological analysis, binary typology, tractor typology, essay, novel, plot, letter, comparative analysis, autobiographical work.  

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