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Gulnoz Ernazarova


Meditate lyrics is a national phenomenon that is a core of our poetic thought. Therefore, the current Uzbek meditate poetry is not an art phenomenon that has emerged for the last ten or even hundreds of years, which was derived from random or non-traditional literature. It has a number of important stages as prominently artistic, historical, spiritual and cultural phenomenon. In order to have a right idea about these stages, firstly, it is worthwhile to find out the aspects of meditate lyrics which are in the connection with a sociological period and a cultural circumstance, its historical figures in the world poetry, evolutional and dynamic features, its version as an expression of their identity in which lyrical genres are dominant, in short, the poetic cognitive criteria. This theoretical prospect, the collective definition helps to learn Uzbek meditate lyrics based on a scientific basis, in addition, allow us to identify individual aspects of our national poetry.

Keywords:  Meditate lyrical, Uzbek folklore, national phenomenon, Uzbek meditate poetry, Uzbek ritual folklore.

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The song which was sung by our mother was recorded in 1987 and stored in our personal archive. 1987 yilda momomoz og’zidan yozib olingan. Shaxsiy arxiv (G.E.).

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