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MYTHS AND MODERN UZBEK STORIES (some commentary on the story of Nazar Eshankul's "The tune of a flute" myth-story)

Otajanova Manzura Omanbaevna


As in many different genres and genres of modern literature, prose can be seen in various forms of mythology. Particularly in today's written prose, the most effective use of mythological plots and images, ancient myths, artistic stylization of archaic rituals and beliefs, national-poetic interpretation of the myths of the world, syncretism of mythological and artistic thinking. In the literature of the peoples of the world there is a tendency for the creation of new forms of genres as a result of mutual contamination of genres of myth and written prose. Nazar Eshankul's mythic story, story "The tune of flute" is unique in that the hero does not fit into a literary hero, which is in essence a characteristic of the mythical heroes. This is because the hero of ancient myths appeared as a dermatologist, the mythical character that made the creation of the chaos into space, that is, the creation of the universe from existence. The mythical genre that emerged as a mythical phenomenon as a result of creative research in today's Uzbek prose is analyzed by the example of Nazar Eshankul's "The tune of flute", which is to some extent a synthetic derivation of mythological and literary thinking.

Keywords: modern Uzbek prose, folklore, mythopoetic phenomena, myths-novel, myths, mythology.

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