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Adelina Hoxhaj


Learning a new language sometimes is fun but sometimes it becomes a real challenge. Grammatical rules play an important role in learning a foreign language. If people lack knowledge about the grammatical part that a language possesses, they will never be capable to communicate or write in that language without making grammar mistakes and that’s a serious issue! The main aim discussed in this study is a detailed analysis of the affixation as a word formation process in English and Albanian language as well. Grammar is one of the most important parts in every language of the world. Through grammar there is cohesion and coherence in sentences and texts. Each language has its own characteristics that make that language unique. The methodology of this study is mostly comparative and descriptive where similarities and differences about affixation as a word formation process in both languages are highlighted and all the features are clarified in a simple way by definitions and examples for each.

Keywords: Affixation, English language, Albanian language, contrastive analysis, features, similarities, differences.

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