Proactive Coping Inventory – Test-Retest Data on Macedonian Population


  • Frosina Ristovska English Department
  • Emilija Stoimenova Canevska
  • Maja Simonovska


The presented analysis concerning the Proactive Coping Inventory test-retest data on Macedonian population was conducted in two time frames, first in 2003/2004 and consequently in 2013 in order to determine whether there are differences in the use of proactive coping as a healthy way of coping with stressful experiences having on mind the constant changes in everyday life and environment. The analysis was done for the purpose of initiating further research in the field of coping styles and promoting proactive coping.

Keywords: Coping, Proactive Coping, Proactive Coping Inventory.




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Ristovska, F., Canevska, E. S., & Simonovska, M. (2016). Proactive Coping Inventory – Test-Retest Data on Macedonian Population. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 3(2), 26–29. Retrieved from



Volume 3, No.2, February, 2014