The Text as a Crossroads: Forms of Dialogues in Et’hem Haxhiademi’s Tragedies


  • Jehona Rushidi Rexhepi English Department
  • Luljeta Adili Çeliku


Et’hem Haxhiademi’s literary corpus in the Albanian literature becomes actual in two turns: at the time of its creation and much later, in the ‘90s, after the era of the censorship. Therefore, while attempting to present a model of the Albanian literature as a sample of a text which dialogues in more directions, this author is chosen, whose creation along with many other famous titles in the Albanian literature is again dealt with by many critics. The paper aims at presenting several directions in which intertextual relations, ways of signal transmission, ways and modes of transformation of hypo- and hypertext are revealed. The study is based on conclusions by famous critics from the period of the Albanian literature of the 20th century, using first of all the typology of Gerard Genet and Julija Kristeva.

Keywords: intertextuality, hypertext, hypotext, Haxhiademi, plays.




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Rexhepi, J. R., & Çeliku, L. A. (2016). The Text as a Crossroads: Forms of Dialogues in Et’hem Haxhiademi’s Tragedies. ANGLISTICUM. Journal of the Association-Institute for English Language and American Studies, 3(2), 42–46. Retrieved from



Volume 3, No.2, February, 2014