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Quality Parameters of Red Wine Produced From ‘Kallmet’ Grape Variety, Grown In Albanian Territory

Ariola Morina, Renata Kongoli


"Kallmet" is one of the oldest autochthonous grape cultivar which is being used through centuries as one of the most widespread red wine cultivar, especially in the North and North-west of Albania. Kallmet grape variety produces alcoholic red wines of high quality. Knowledge of the chemical composition of wine and its association with the grape cultivar is of paramount importance in oenology and a necessary tool for marketing. Phenolic compounds are very important quality parameters of wine because of their impact on color, taste and health properties. Quality and quantity of polyphenols are related to the grape variety, climatic conditions and cultivation practices. The aim of the present work was to study and describe these quality parameters of 25 young and aged red wines produced from Kallmet autochthonous grape variety. The color of wine is affected by several factors, among the more important being grape variety, pH, temperature, oenological treatments and aging. Great amount of polyphenols and anthocyanins are found on Kallmet young red wines. For this purpose, the following indicators were measured: color intensity, color tint, the percentage of red, yellow and blue color and defined variables X, Y, Z, using the CIE system (Commission Internationale de l'ECLAIRAGE).

Keywords: Color, aged red wine, C. I. E. Variables, Kallmet red wine, autochthonous.

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