Albanian Synthesized Trend in Word Formation


  • Përparim Fakaj


The subject of the article is our tendency towards synthesis, which appears today in Albanian, in the field of word formation and more specifically the process of composition, which has led to forming terms compound words two - limbs or the so-called unity lexicon-grammar, which marks the transition of the sustainable phrase lexical unit. This very early process has become quite active today. In our analysis of this process the action, we treat difficulty aliases, and some words that are formed from a composition or an attachment of the several phraseological groups. Terminological phrases that are reflected in the explanatory dictionaries otherwise called nonsimple names or nonsimple terms. In the explanatory Albanian dictionaries the reflection of nonsimple labels are not proportionate and in the same direction because as numerical level, as well as their semantic content, we milling around, some corrugation, conditioned by various out linguistic factors. Adding more of these large formations composed terminological potential is realized by the Albanian word properties, which has a great ability to develop as semantically, but also by combining its alloys. This means that, as well as in the general language, where the semantic development base constitutes the word, even in the base of each formation terminology constitutes term monosyllabic. Therefore, it is paramount in all respects before the phrase terminology. Many compound names forms are composed of two simple words, which this often takes place in the Albanian orthographic standard.

Keywords: difficult names, trend, synthesis, development, the semantic norm.




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Volume 5, No.8, August, 2016