Hermeneutic Conception of Scientific Research and the Issue of Scientific Fact


  • Ledian Rusta


The subject of analysis is the nature of scientific research and the issue of scientific fact viewpoint in two different perspectives. One perspective, which is traditional, considers the scientific research and the fact as an element that enjoys an absolute objectivity quality whereas the postmodern perspective considers it as a social construction of relative nature. The idea is to be demonstrated the new postmodern condition of the the scientific research which considers the latter as a theoretical and practical tool that is articulated by specific interests and social groups. In this respect, the science and its facts are interpretive elements of reality produced by social groups serving the latter. As a conclusion we can emphasize that scientific research is oriented and managed by communities of certain social groups. All elements and structures of this research are far from a neutral objectivity since they are influenced by social and historical interests. Consequently, it is impossible to separate the fact from issues of evaluation that classify it as such. On a more theoretical general level it becomes impossible the explicit separation and distinction between the empirical content and the conceptual approach of the scientific fact.

Keywords: social construction, fact, value, hermeneutics.




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Volume 4, No.6, June 2015