Teacher's Role in Classroom Management and Traditional Methods


  • Isa Spahiu
  • Edita Spahiu


This paper is written for the purpose of growing our stream of consciousness about the role of the teacher in classroom management and the traditional methods. We did not write the words of my mind, but we wrote the collected facts that are published by different important people who dealt with these areas. The role of the teacher is said to be a very important in achieving great results in teaching and learning the process. Traditional methods were widely used in earlier time, but with the growth of other methods, they were omitted. All that is said is going to be elaborated in details. By reading this paper it does not mean that we will be the ones who will apply these methods in teaching, but we will try to avoid the traditional ones. We wrote what is real, not what is said to be unimaginable. You can find a lot of useful information on different areas of teaching methods and methodologies. As we shall see in the following sections this paper explains briefly the above-mentioned methods and classroom management. Applying these factors in the everyday teaching process, it will lead us to an advantageous degree of learning and teaching methodologies.

Keywords: teacher, role, psychological, classroom, methods, teaching, process.




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Volume 2, No.3, June, 2013