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The Importance of English in the Development of International Relations and Diplomacy

Fatos Gjata


This paper analyses the way English became an official language of international relations and diplomacy. Among the diplomatic languages, English is the most widely used and it is the first choice of masses and elites. Its election as a language of diplomacy and international relations was not accidental, but it was based precisely on the economic and political status of the states that used it and the role they had in the international extent. A diplomatic language is of special importance as it does not appear as a simple means of communication but it is the main pillar of diplomatic content, and it has been like that since the early beginning of the diplomatic function. This language, which has been used during the meetings and works of international institutions has already reached the characteristics of a global language. English continues to preserve its intact leader's status that enables positive conclusions of diplomatic agreements between numerous and diverse allies.

Keywords: English language, diplomacy, international relations, international institutions.

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