• Hyreme Gurra State University of Tetova, Macedonia
  • Arbenora Ademi


The purpose of this research paper is to analyze and compare the lyrical poems of two outstanding poets, Emily Dickinson and Daut Gurra and at the same time the importance of their work in today’s literature. The study focuses on exploring the might of their poetry and the way the period they lived has influenced and shaped their lives and work. Generally, there is a similarity in their deeds. They both wrote about things that surrounded them, writing mostly in free verse, in this way refusing the conventional rules of poetry of meter and rhyme. Moreover, they both wrote about social themes and both of their work was published posthumously. The material and data for this research paper is acquired mostly from their poems, but also from books and sources from the internet. This study as a whole is divided in three parts, the first part is the introduction, the second part of this thesis a brief discussion about Dickinson’s life is presented, followed by an analysis on her writing style and her poetry. The third part contains a short biography about Daut Gurra, followed by chapters explaining his writing style and analyzing his work. Everyone who has tried to read and analyze her work knows that her poetry in general is difficult to understand, especially if you are a non-English speaker, the reason for this is because her poetry is unique and cannot be categorized. Her use of words in English Language and the meaning behind those words are often challenging but that is also the reason that makes her poetry unique in its style. The methods used when working on this thesis are the deductive method, qualitative research method, narrative method and the historical approach.

Keywords: Seclusion, posthumously, comparison, similarities.


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