• Gilberta Hadaj Albanian University. Tirana
  • Albana Tairi Albanian University. Tirana



The grammatical phenomenon of transforming a grammatical form into a new topic, as a representative form of speech or as a topic within a paradigm, we will call grammatical thematization. This phenomenon has been quite widespread in the historical development of the morphological structure of Albanian language. It is spread throughout the morphological system of variable parts of speech. Thematizations of grammatical forms are new linguistic states obtained for psychological, social, and linguistic reasons. In the noun system, the most numerous and obvious cases of thematization of grammatical forms are observed in the grammatical category of number. The most common process has been to use many grammatical plural forms as singular. These conversions from the plural form to the singular are generally called singularized plurals. Due to the occurrence of this phenomenon in different periods - often even in very old periods - they have completely replaced the singular and formed a new plural. The thematization of grammatical forms should not only be ascertained but should also be followed historically. However, the paper deals with special issues that can serve as a starting point for further studies and in-depth studies.

Keywords: Thematization, grammatical form, noun system, grammatical category.


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Volume 12, No.6, June 2023