Quality Standards as Preconditions for the Presentation to the European Market


  • Eshija Shehabi


Trust and consumer satisfaction is inextricably linked to its quality and most importantly with an effective system from the top of the organization to all services and workers. Every citizen of the world has the right for different safe and qualitative products, therefore, the task of the organization is to support its customers and only when it can prove the constant maintenance of their management system to offer the new product on the market as declared, that is done through quality standards. The aim is to develop voluntarily accepted standards and procedures for international verification of good agricultural practices. European competition characterizes the supply of high-quality products and strong marketing activities. The relationship between quality standards is direct and it is pronounced as interdependent. Stable and reliable results are essentially important for the functioning of any modern society.

Keywords: management, quality, competition, European Union, market.




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Volume 5, No.2, February, 2016