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Brief Biography of Selami Hallaçi (1919-1944)

Arburim Iseni


Selami Hallaçi was born on 3 April 1919 in Presheva. He was a descendent of the impoverished family of Jashar Hallaçi. He completed his primary education in Rahovice, where he was an exemplary student and continued his education in a madrasa in Shkup – which, at the time, was a sanctuary for many revolutionaries. As a student, he became aware of the enemy’s heavy-handed oppression of the people - the working class and peasantry. Selami became a prominent revolutionary, for which he was expelled from school and, as a result, was forced to continue his education in Manastir, where he was a student at the break of the Second World War. Upon graduation, he returned to his hometown with the hope of finding employemnt. However, Bulgaria had occupied Macedonia and southern Serbia, and had sought to eliminate the region’s progressive intelligentia. Individuals such as Selami were unwelcome in these occupied territories and were forced to work odd jobs to secure a living. Selami organized demonstrations and strikes attracting the attention of the authorities. Thus, he was soon forced to leave home, finally settling in Gjilan, where he became a teacher. He later travelled to Korca, where he attended a two-month seminar and completed additional classes allowing him to return to Gjilan in 1942 to continue to teach at Zenel Hajdini primary school. He resumed his revolutionary activities in Gjilan. He also taught in Shtimje and Prishtina. In the meantime, he met with likeminded friends and carried out various duties entrusted to him. In 1943-44, he was appointed Secretary of the Education Inspectorate in Prishtina. Nevertheless, he continued his revolutionary activities until he was apprehended and imprisoned. He was held in Prishtina’s jail for some time, where, although he endured torture at the hands of the authorities, but never gave up his friends or the organization. Selami held steadfast to his beliefs and never gave into the enemy’s demands even when faced with the prospect of execution he raised his hand and shouted in defiance: “Death to fascism – Freedom to the people”. Thus, on an August night in 1944, ten revolutionaries were executed in Prizren, including Selami. Nine men and one woman gave their lives for a wish, an ideal larger than life itself – for Freedom, independence and human rights – they stood valiantly, courageously and heroically, before a callous enemy refusing to betray their comrades. Staunchly devoted to their patriotic ideals, they readily gave their lives for their nation.

Keywords: revolution, demonstrations, execution, patriotism, Presheva, intelligentia, etc.

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