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Study of Mammary Carcinoma in a Dog and Its Relationship with Cutaneus Metastasis

Brunilda Mazari, Alketa Qoku, Luljeta Dhaskali


Spontaneous canine tumors consider one of the most common pathologies in dog. Mammary and skin tumors are the more frequented neoplasm in dog.Cutaneus metastases (CM) of a primary mammary tumor are significant clinical findings; CM can be considered as a “cutaneus target” of them.  CM represents about 1% to 5 % of skin lesions in dog and they can be the first clinical sign of a primary tumor. Metastasis, usually are painless, with differentclinic signsand they are generally multiple. Mammary carcinoma, as one of the most frequented forms of malignant mammary tumors can be spread metastasis in the skinand it is a direct relationship between the primarymammary tumor and the developing of CM. The aim of this study case was clinic and histopathological evaluation of CM from a primary mammary gland carcinoma and relationship according to their histological features.

Keywords: dog, tumor, mammary gland, skin, cutaneusmetastasis, histopathology.

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