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The view of the base terminology of the given field takes a specific value, since a part of its units have usage not only in other fields of knowledge, up to the general language like sustë, bulon, vidhë, but these do come across even in the explanatory dictionaries. Therefore, from this viewpoint, their layout and place in both languages takes importance, and in a particular way also the reflection in explanatory dictionaries, where deficiencies become apparent in the level of their representation in these dictionaries, and the symmetric withholding of definitions, as it is seen in the terms kushinetë (bearing), sustë (spring) etc. Likewise the view of these terms in the system of word forming connections brings out on the first level the review of the terms not only in the conceptual aspect, but also on the true meaning of comprehension, by making the term an object of its appearance in other parts of speech as well, except the noun, as in the adjective, the verb, the adverb. This makes the representation of these forms in the terminological dictionaries necessary, particularly when those connect with the word forming system (term forming) and express the specificity of the field, like: mekanikë and mekanik-e–mekanikisht (përpunoj), lëvizje–lëviz–i lëvizshëm–lëvizës-e, as in English: mechanics–mechanic–mechanically, (to) move–movement–moving–movable, etc.

Key words: terminology, word forming system, mechanic, terminological dictionaries.


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